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Do not waste your gold at the training completion, as well as to speed up low-level buildings. Although the amount of small, but it will just be a waste of money.

As long as your lock has not reached level 6, you can use a free teleport. Do not miss the opportunity to move closer to the Alliance Castle or to friends. Then teleport will be available for in-store gold or alliance.

Do not try to immediately create a large army, develop the barracks, the shooting range, and stable plant chariots to the maximum, the higher the level of your troops, the better. Sense in a lot of weak men is very small. The success of the game depends on the strength of the army: the more high-end units in your army, the better.

The number of slots for buildings outside the castle is strictly limited, you must carefully choose what to build. Buildings can carry. Use this feature if you need to change something.

Build 8 military tents, it will help you to train more soldiers immediately. Too many hospitals just do not need, follow your army level and, if necessary improve them or build new ones. At low levels, while the army numerous, it will be only a couple of hospitals. Do not build a lot of sawmills, wood is not consumed army, and at the beginning of the game you do not need lots of it. After reaching the 10th and 15th level will open the iron mines of Mithril and replace almost all of the sawmill.

Begin to study science in college as early as possible. The first thing you need to get the “Legion”, it will allow you to send the job immediately two groups. One detachment always submit collect gold, the second can be sent to destroy monsters, collect more resources to plunder the abandoned castles.

With each new level you get the Lord of glasses. Do not forget to spend them. What skills do you need to develop is dependent on your style of play. Concentrate on one branch, pump it up to a certain point, you can receive an active skill.

A branch of the Lord sequence to open a new skill, you need to pump previous to the last level. The university, on the contrary, quite the first level of science, and it is possible to download the following. Remember this is only a necessary and improve.

Ahead of schedule to complete the construction in 5 minutes before the end, while this bonus increases with VIP level.

Put long-term construction at night, or a time when you will not go to the game specific time and short upgrades plan to do during the day.

There should always be a supply of accelerator at the time of hostilities. You may need to, for example, to speed up the treatment of soldiers and to have time to recover for the coming of the enemy.

Destroy the monsters to gain experience for the Lord and resources. Extracted loot stored in objects, they can not be a prey, but you can instantly activate at any time.

Do not try to immediately upgrade the lock to the maximum level. First, improve buildings, and then improve the castle.

Hire second builder (golden hammer icon), if there is free money, it costs 250 gold and is given for two days. If you play intensely, it can have a good swing.


Pay attention to the timer. Knowing how much time you have left before the arrival of the enemy, you can plan your actions.

The Clash of Kings one to reach the top is not possible, so be sure to join the alliance. A good alliance is one of the main success factors. If the alliance is good Donat, the participants are concentrated in one or more points on the map, you can join.

Being in an alliance, be careful scouting and attacking other players. Rash actions can provoke aggression not only to you but also to the alliance. In any case, to actively communicate in chat, play collectively, planning and coordinating actions with the members of the alliance will be easier to repel the attacks and to attack.

To contribute to the alliance of science, for that you get fame points that you can spend in the store of the alliance. For each contribution to the timer is added, if it exceeds 4 hours you during this time you will not be able to donate resources.

Leaders who watched much invested in science. If you do not invest in a common cause, most likely, you will be expelled. If you want to succeed, you need to play actively.


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