Clash of Kings defense and attack


Battles in the game take place automatically, the player does not directly participate in the battle. After the battle, you will receive a report on the results.

Develop the protection of the castle, you can successfully resist the enemy improving walls, towers, building traps and pumping skills. Watchtower – a valuable tool in the conduct of hostilities, Suck it for more information about the enemy.

If you are attacked by superior enemy forces, it makes sense to withdraw its troops outside the castle, and the resources that will be able to loot the enemy, put to good use. Build traps, they require a lot of resources at once. Filling phase of construction on the trap is not in peacetime. Resources can also be merged into alliance science, to build, upgrade or give to friends.

If there is a lot of resources, and defense you can not stand, it is better to lose the resources and save the army. Withdraw its troops outside the castle.

Attack, or take the battle only when confident of victory. Train soldiers for a long time and is expensive, and you can lose overnight.

Army heading towards targets can be returned using the “Withdraw from the march.”

When defending your castle wounded soldiers are treated in hospital. If you do not have enough beds, they die. Therefore, do not leave the castle for more troops than the hospital can take. Treat soldiers cheaper than train new ones.

Do not leave the army unattended for a long time. Before you go to school or go to bed, take away the soldiers at the resource collection, count the time of collection and the campaign so that your return, they have returned to the castle. Remember that the enemy can attack the soldiers collecting resources. To send troops to the ruins at 8 o’clock, they can be withdrawn at any time. After returning from the ruins, the soldiers will bring the resources and experience.


Carefully select the target for the attack. If you attack an empty castle consisting of the alliance, the other participants may retaliate.

If you are attacked, you can send in the enemy troops from your second lock prospected how many soldiers remained with the enemy. There is a chance that your opponent will deploy its soldiers.

At each attack or defense of the castle you need to select the proper army. Each type of soldier has its advantages and weaknesses. View specs and features of your warriors can select “train” and then click on the exclamation point at the image of the soldier. For example, increased protection against swordsmen and archers, crossbowmen, therefore, they should not be let out against an army. Studying the composition of the army of the enemy and knowing the pros and cons of warriors, battles can be conducted more efficiently.

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