Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood – best FPS western

Call of Juarez Bound in Blood

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood is probably the best, First Person Shooter, in the genre of Western

Wild West … From this phrase and brings romance, head silhouetted images of charismatic shooters by Clint Eastwood or John Wayne Colt revolver with smoking hot beauty with a languid gaze, hot shooting in the saloons, and of course a handful of dollars. All this is more than is presented in the Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood – the prequel of the original Call of Juarez, the Polish studio Techland.

Once in Mexico

Brothers protagonists Raymond and Thomas McCall in the prime of life and live a full life adventure: travel to Mexico, the problems with the Indians, looking for ancient treasures, keep in touch with the most dangerous thugs of the Americas, they are greedy and are accustomed to a bit that take up arms, the only man who is not afraid of them and trying to lead a gang of road – the young William, the youngest brother in the family. Although at one time it was different, the family lived peacefully in his vast ranch in Georgia, but the wheel of the Civil War is not spared McCauley side. Cut scenes are made very sensible and contribute to dive into the history, so to follow the adventures of the characters – a pleasure. Sound design is also at a level which is not surprising, since it was responsible for the Polish composer Pavel Blaschak – author of the soundtrack of the acclaimed RPG, titled The Witcher.

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On the way to Juarez

As for the gameplay, the player will have a six-hour ruthless and dynamic dual wield, mountains of corpses, dashing chase on horseback and stagecoach. Before the start of the job it is possible to select a character. Raymond – a simple man, it costs nothing to shower opponents with dynamite or arrange ad using the Gatling gun. Thomas, on the other hand, more sophisticated – Indian prefers the bow, rifle Winchester and loves to climb on the roofs. Whomever you choose, you will have to shoot a lot and often. In most cases, every fight ends with a duel in Slow Motion, with severe bad guys or a mustached sheriff. In such a situation, it is necessary to keep the hand as close as possible to the gun and the stand so that the sun’s glare blinded the eyes of the foe, otherwise you will be forced to become a corpse.

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However, for the final to break into the house and spend sweep there is not so interesting, and there comes a glut. On, an advanced artificial intelligence can not speak, but at levels above the average complexity will have to sweat real hard. In addition to the missions necessary for the development of history, there are also side. They can freely ride on horseback, enjoying a picturesque district. Chrome Engine 4 – graphical basis of the game equally well as the issue of the desert and the mountain slopes, and dusty towns.

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The economic situation in Bound in Blood is quite simple, with the money from the merchants can purchase upgraded weapons and ammunition. Fortunately there is great choice: rifles, bows, knives, dynamite, guns of all kinds and colors, and even rifles with optics. Each stem its own characteristics, and more and more complicated, so you should think about ammunition, although no one will prevent you to solve problems with the help of a small-caliber pistol ladies. Especially because health automatically regenerates and kits have sunk into oblivion. In addition to a good single in “ties of blood” there is also the multiplayer, where players are divided into teams of thugs and Pinkertons, opposing each other, but it does not carry anything unusual. Much nicer if there was a presence in society, but no luck.

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Thus, Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood – devilishly atmospheric, well-orchestrated action, by which it is not necessary to pass both ardent fans of the genre, as well as just a player, because in the background of a huge number of shooters about terrorists and the American warriors, offers an exciting, dynamic journey by harsh, imbued with a rebellious spirit, the Wild West.

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood – Walkthrough

Call Of Juarez: Bound In Blood Multiplayer Gameplay PC

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