Blown Away: Secret of the Wind REVIEW

Blown Away: Secret of the Wind REVIEW

Description :

Hendrik is a schlimazel! One last hair on his head, and a pair of teleporting shoes, are all he has left. Everything else was blown away by the wind.
Let yourself get carried away and and find the scattered remains of Hendrik’s house. Charge your batteries and teleport Hendrik through the ever-moving levels.


The developers of Black Pants Studio, which happened once upon a time to release a very good logic puzzle called «About Love, Hate and the other ones», ripe for a new product. Their new game received a similar graphic design and an equally long name – «Blown Away: Secret of the Wind».
The game tells the story of a very unlucky man named Hendrick, which failed due to the weather conditions became the owner of the following terrible strategy. Once he was successful, hairy, and is completing the construction of their new home. However, a strong wind blew, and his newfound home, as well as excellent locks of hair quickly scattered on the fictional world. Perhaps you would have done in a similar situation in a different way, but Hendrik went in search of the wreckage of the house rather than her former beauty.

Despite the extremely plight of the main character in his stories can highlight something positive. Strong wind took the protagonist everything except magical teleportation boots, which will be the main element of gameplay. Hendrik will spontaneously and fearlessly walk through the levels, therefore we can choose in a timely manner to the point of teleportation. But not so simple – the fact that you need to recharge the magic shoes, which is made only at the time Hendrik walk.


The first levels are unlikely someone will be able to name complex, but is only 10-15 steps you overcome, you will immediately notice a significant increase in the complexity and variety of gameplay. This is achieved by means of improvements that will be opened as the game progresses. To begin with, you will have a second battery, with its help, you can do just two teleportation jump. Then you open the power, which will increase the speed of charging the battery. With this the gameplay will be more interesting and challenging.

Only in the game four locations, each of which has 120 levels. In order to pass each level the maximum number of stars, it is necessary to collect all the pieces of the house – the amount of debris in all different levels. At the final stage of the gameplay, the developers promise to please us with a decent plot denouement, and the wind slightly open secret. In my opinion, all this is enough to name a price tag of 169 rubles a very justified. As for the amount we get high quality and beautiful platformer with puzzle elements.

Game: Blown Away: Secret of the Wind | 2.99$ | Universal app | Download


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