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Bloodline Champions a year ago appeared in Europe, and for a couple of months as a localized for Russian players. This is a shareware game, referring to the popular genre now MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), and so many at once inscribe it in a slender number of clones “DotA”. General points really have a lobby, a set of colorful characters, a small amount of skill with one particularly brutal. But you will not see here a computer-controlled “creeps”, and the main goal of the game – not to destroy the base and crumble into a fine mince of all the characters in the enemy team.

Until recently, the game even absent any development system. “Hands decide!” – Proudly muttered into his mustache happy veterans, rolling into a thin pancake another greenhorn. Now the game, imitating the more popular League of Legends, has acquired all sorts of shiny fashion items: gems, medallions and talent trees. But even with these add-ons Bloodline Champions has remained one of the games where no money at all and there is no substitute months of intensive training.


When the energy bar reaches 100%, you can activate a special reception. It is so powerful that it may well change the course of the fight

Fighting in the game is really very difficult, and therefore very interesting. Firstly, because in Bloodline Champions combat system without a dedicated purpose. All skills, even among doctors, require manual guidance. Given that players are worn on stage, like mad, pass more than one week, until you turn into Robin Hood. The second important feature – here you need to know by heart the ability to play the hero and, using not only the fingers but also the brain. It is enough to make a defensive maneuver for a second earlier or a second later than it is really necessary, and your fighter is already cold corpse, over which the remaining die heroically without the support of comrades.

Bloodline Champions – the game young, so there’s a relatively small set of characters: as long as there are only 24. As expected, each has a unique background, appearance, and an arsenal of skills. Walking tree, bald warrior with a two-meter sword, lady with boomerangs, bun-arsonist, alchemist – that’s just a short list of available types. All of them are divided into four classes: healers, tanks, melee and ranged. This does not mean that the tank – not to kill the tin, and the doctor can only impose a bandage. Damage all receive the same, just the tank there are a couple of skills to repel the attacks, and a doctor – a few clever ways to allies did not die, or at least did not die too quickly.


Now we can confidently assert that the Bloodline Champions – the most rapid, full of action and unforgiving shoals MOBA. More brutal and dynamic online entertainment in this genre has not yet invented. Press “play” – and here you are in the thick of the battle, to break the keyboard and try not to die at least another fraction of a second, to carry off out of the reptile.

A few minutes after the start of the battle in the center of the screen appears the inscription “God’s punishment”, and on all sides by avalanches, pushes players to the center. Therefore, the game is never too overextended fighting

Since the error at first you do all the time, get ready to die, and often painful. Perhaps that is why Bloodline Champions do not become so popular as League of Legends: beginners here are in trouble. Few people willing to die several times a minute, studying his hero. However, the game has a brief training course, and even built a special system which pretends that picks you adequately for the skill of the enemy. Sometimes she even something turns out. Anyway, she tries not to bang their heads misses the buttons noob with some “Merciless annihilator.”


If all that you need – go and get a small portion of fun, rather queue for a random arena, and the game will automatically select the team. After the fight you just settle a bit of experience and coins that did not seem that the day is lived in vain. Coins can be exchanged for new heroes and other nice trinkets: titles, emotions, outfits. However, you soon grow old than accumulate so enough to open all the characters.

Experience is needed to raise the level of the hero. The high level of talent points and opens up access to a medallion with various bonuses like acceleration, damage absorption, etc. But achieving the maximum level does not mean that much now, then you are all going to kick ass. Much more important to have a high PvP-rank, which is awarded for the victories and the beautiful game. PvP-rank typed slowly and painfully. Not surprisingly, the hero of the maximum 26-th rank is saying the title of “Superman.”

For 350 rubles you can buy a new suit and hired glittering sword. If the wind howled in his pocket – take a tree stump for six rubles


After playing for fun, you will find that the most interesting thing in Bloodline Champions – this is a controversial aspect. Want to master your favorite caste perfectly, get to the top of the ratings, which, like the gods of Olympus, the abode of the best of the best: the heroes who did not know defeat. And then go to the next Dreamhack (eSports tournament), break it all to pieces and return with a check for ten thousand dollars.

To translate these dreams there is no simple path: just spent thousands of battles, hundreds of hours of training and infinite patience. You can start small. In the game every day there are regular tournaments in three different weight classes. Prizes are purely symbolic, but it is a good way to test yourself and get the experience of playing in a team.

On gaming forums full discussion League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth, DotA 2, and only a few people know that there is at least worthy project in their shadow. Some things Bloodline Champions move ahead older counterparts. The game does not require a lot of money and allows you to feel the joy of victory, you have extracted their own hands – by learning to play skillfully and not bought the sword “plus one hundred and everything.” A rarity in our time.

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