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Enjoy some casual and family-friendly gameplay on all of your iOS devices. The unique game mechanics and challenging levels will keep you busy for a while. The beautiful and colorful graphics and the laid back music will look and sound great on your devices.

Buy once, play forever, and wherever you want! BLOCnog is an universal app: enjoy this great game on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

We respect your privacy! BLOCnog does not gather, store or transfer any of your personal data. The only thing that is stored on your device is the current state of the level progress. Also there are no ads or in-app purchases, just pure gaming fun.


With its bright color scheme, BLOCnog drew me in immediately. Since the character consists of standout orange hues it’s incredibly easy to tell it apart from the rest of the layout, which comes in handy on some of the trickier stages. The dreamlike soundtrack and satisfying “plink” noises are also a perfect excuse to keep playing. During a few of my sessions I ended up putting headphones on. So what’s the concept? Basically, you’ll swipe in any direction to swing your box-like avatar across the screen. Everything operates as if it the floor is constantly encased in ice, so you’ll quite literally slip across the ground at all times.

We’ve seen this conceit countless times before, but here, it’s done effortlessly. Levels are wonderfully designed with multiple solutions throughout, and the maps are small enough where you don’t have to resort to too much trial and error to divine where to go next. The real star is the constant upping of the mechanic game. With BLOCnog you’ll rarely see the same level twice, as hazards like spikes and bombs show up rather frequently. Even then, their nature is often altered so it isn’t technically the same concept.


My favorite bit though is the Voltron-esque combination effect that results in slamming against other like-colored blocks. You’ll basically absorb them into one form as you go, hopefully avoiding traps, and not getting caught in the layout. It’s another layer on top of everything else you have to worry about, but again, it’s not so deep or stressful that it feels like work. Said hazards, like spikes for example, aren’t just a simple danger either, as they’re actually used to destroy part of your body so you can fit into specific areas. This is a well thought out game, through and through.

This is mostly because there isn’t an annoying timer or “move” counter at any turn. Instead, you’re free to flutter about the ice at will and solve any puzzle exactly how you want. There isn’t even a system in place for rating or grading players at the end of each session. While I don’t inherently mind these system as they can offer up a ton of replay value when done right, it’s nice to see a game eschew them and work so well.

At just a few bucks, BLOCnog is a steal, and a great way to spend an entire weekend, or a few minutes at a time solving puzzles. I have a “to keep” folder on my iPhone, and depending on how my experience goes for a review, I either delete a game or place it there. This one is definitely going in the “keep” pile for the foreseeable future.

Game: BLOCnog | 1.99$ | Universal app | Download


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