BioShock Infinite is an art

BioShock Infinite is an art

Bioshock Infinite – a new creation Irrational Games, which once again proved that the game is an art.

Bioshock – not an ordinary shooter series. No, really, who would ever think to compare the creation of Ken Levine with other representatives of the genre such as Call of Duty or Killzone? And all because that Bioshock offers players not only fun to shoot from all kinds of weapons. Thus, this series of games have always been consummate art design, intricate plot and deep philosophical motives. Bioshock is not ashamed to be compared to the masterpieces of world literature and cinema, because the game really makes you think about a rather serious problems of mankind. Remembering dystopia Andrew Ryan, his enveloping atmosphere of the city of Rapture, I waited Infinite like manna from heaven and pinned great hopes on it. March 26 – the date of release of the new creation Irrational Games – was to be the holiday of the gaming industry. It has it? Silly question, of course, yes. Just a little different than expected.

Art design is great, in the best traditions of Bioshock

In fact, Infinite has confirmed two things. Firstly, the fact that the game – this is the real art with a capital letter. And secondly, the fact that art is not yet completely mature. And if the first has been repeatedly proved by other games (such as Batman Arkham City, Alan Wake, The Witcher 2, but at least the same first Bioshock), then the second was especially noticeable with the release of Infinite. The fact is that none of the game, anyway, can not do without the gameplay. And just this is the gameplay is very difficult to properly fit into the narrative, in the created world.

BioShock Infinite is an art-3

The new part of Bioshock has become a victim of some of the gameplay, which did not fit in with the general picture. You may ask – how the gameplay could harm the video game? But imagine: you are in the local museum, the “Hall of Heroes”, immersed in the game world is deeper and deeper, the atmosphere surpasses … And suddenly you attack the crowd the same mindless nowhere who took opponents wishing lard certainly lead protagonist (I not specifically say that the name of the protagonist Booker DeWitt, and other long-known fact, because in modern conditions the spread of the initial information about the game – it is not interesting and does not need to). The situation is compounded by the fact that the enemies of reason, always trying to impose melee and rod under heavy fire, without showing absolutely no self-preservation instinct. The atmosphere instantly evaporates, leaving the player to the wolves henchmen “prophet” Colombia Comstock. Torn apart in the truest sense of the word – you will die permanently. Well, how to die – Booker desire to go to another world clearly does not feel either he “resurrected” (the quotes are not accidental, the process of “resurrection” of the protagonist is important to the plot, and therefore full of secrets), or Elizabeth it revives (yes, that the most that is endowed with ultra-modern artificial intelligence, but on that below). Sometimes it comes to the fact that the gameplay turns into a routine “shoot, died, rose again, shoot …”. In very severe cases it becomes a continuous cycle of action (hello, high levels of complexity). The worst thing that a player does not die because of the wrong tactics or negligence, but because of the delusional and gameplay imbalances. However, the ability to distribute headshot-s little bit helps.

Serious shortcomings Infinite gameplay was the fact that research, as before, the world is in search of the secret machines to upgrade weapons and rare types of cartridges is not necessary. Weapons (by the way, a boring machine guns, shotguns, pistols) is now improved for the money, the kind of ammunition is now one for each barrel, and system hacking security systems and safes generally sunk into oblivion. Fortunately, the world to explore all the same interesting, good number of small parts is huge and fascinating art-design. Look around – no, no yes and eye stumbles on the campaign poster, a strange device or voksofon (old analogue audio diaries). All of Colombia is steeped in history, events and riddles, so leave it does not want.

Mechanical patriot – not just a stylish and powerful opponent. It is also a symbol of patriotism, reductio ad absurdum

There are a number of interesting gameplay and new ideas. Unfortunately, they were all “Underturned”. Take, for example, skyline – aerial rails. The idea, of course, beautiful, but in the end it was not done in the best way. The fact that the player can not fall from Skyline. Absolutely. Whether in favor of casual gamers, whether due to the complex implementation system of movement along the rails is fully automated. Just press one button, and now the hero is racing on the city by air. Press again – jump to the next line. Adrenaline in this situation do not have any. But imagine how cool it would be if the player himself had to calculate speed, choose the angle and time to press the jump button to catch on. I do not have time – a pleasant journey on earth, Booker.

BioShock Infinite is an art-4

Another interesting, but not completely implemented the idea – Heavy Hitters, mini-bosses on the battlefield. On the one hand, to fight with them is really interesting – handyman can conduct electricity along the rails, making them inaccessible to the player, and the boy of silence adds to the game of stealth and eerie atmosphere. On the other hand, the battle with the heavy hitters poorly balanced: the same handyman can safely hold the player in the corner and score before his death, and siren calls upon the crowd of ordinary soldiers out of nowhere.

These comrades considerably spoil your life. However, not as much as ordinary enemies

Abilities Elizabeth – a constant companion of the protagonist – to open rifts to other worlds were nothing more than a boring choice between a and b, where a – machine-gun installation, and b – a set of first-aid kits. Tactics then a special not, the choice is limited to two or three similar options.

BioShock Infinite is an art-5

By the way, about Elizabeth. The boys from Irrational in full extolled its artificial intelligence – they say, and it is able to, and it is. So, this is almost true. Liz really behaves like a living person – says what is happening, thinking aloud, helping to fight, showing interest in the surrounding objects, singing with a guitar and dancing. There are, however, times when Elizabeth stick his nose at the table, looking at him with interest, or sitting in the shelter, Booker throws the first aid kit, the cartridges from nowhere who had taken her. But all this, of course, the little things. Elizabeth, no doubt, the best companion in the history of video games. Alyx from Half-Life 2? Sheva in Resident Evil 5? Do not make me laugh.

The cult of the thriving local prophet

The main advantage of Elizabeth, however, lies not in her AI, and that it is just a good, interesting character. She has her own history (and even what!), His character, his views on the world. In a sense she even develops in the course of the plot, which is rare for a video game character.

BioShock Infinite is an art-6

In general, Bioshock Infinite characters have turned out well. Gemini Lyutes – stylish, witty, unexpected (watch them carefully and guess about something). Comstock – just a bad person, endowed with such abominable qualities as racial intolerance, cruelty and greed. Songbird … Well, find out for yourself, everything is very unusual and even a bit tragic. All these characters play their roles in a beautifully written and filed the story, which is on the verge of philosophy and science. History will force the player to think it is necessary to many issues, including the purely philosophical. The plot does not let go for a second, he makes to remember about the game, even after repeated passage. How much do you remember the really good stories of the games? This question, of course, rhetorical. But one thing is certain – the plot Infinite honorable ranks among the best in the history of the industry.

Summing up, I want to say that, despite all the shortcomings of the gameplay, Infinite definitely become a game-masterpiece that gamers will certainly not be forgotten. It is beautiful, intelligent and largely philosophical game, which is a specimen of the art of video games.

Bioshock Infinite Gameplay Walkthrough

Bioshock Infinite Gameplay PC – Max Settings HD

Bioshock Infinite Gameplay Walkthrough

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