Balloony Land REVIEW

Balloony Land REVIEW

Description :

Welcome to Balloony Land, the home of fun! Match and pop endlessly satisfying combos of bright and squeaky balloons. Easy to learn, tricky to master – pop through over 100 crazy challenges in 5 twinkly worlds. This free puzzle adventure will keep you playing!


Nominees for “Best Game for trips to the underground.”
To explain the popularity of games in the genre of three-in-a-row challenge. Once you carefully trace the passengers in a subway car, you will find that the drag crystals, stones and colored blocks love the girls, and representatives of a strong half of mankind. It really is the best fighter boredom.
Today our guest is another brainchild of a group of developers Palringo, known gamers on such games like Dark Nebula and Icy Tower. Yes, this is another puzzle game in the series “The current number,” but it is very different from its competitors. Than? Let’s see.

Before you playing field filled with colorful balls of different shapes. I confess, despite my age, I still shudder when I hear the sound of a breaking ball. In Balloony Land is not so scary. Great musical design acts like a meditation, and dozens of achievements and achivok do not give off the kingdom balls.


Feature Balloony Land – an impressive number of combinations that lead to the emergence of the bonus cell boosters. There is: missiles, bombs, combined and spike balls, all for the most effective cleaning field.
Almost forgot, the game will have to taste real sweet tooth. The main mission, which permeates all levels – the destruction of lollipops and cotton candy. A levels are as many as 100. And if the top ten passage to the “one-two-three,” the more you will find the real test! The game is really difficult, and many of the levels are not the first time yielded even my wife – a real guru of the genre, “three-in-a-row.”

Number of candies rapidly increases proposed at the level of moves seems inadequate and bizarre forms of the playing field in the true sense removal of the brain. Attention!! The situation when the last course is only one cell, can infuriate.
Peace of mind! That’s balls and they have to give joy. Provided developers and social integration, through which you can organize real battles with friends. All your friends are playing Balloonu Land, will be displayed on the field level. You can help each other by offering a ticket to open the levels or share life. There you can share experiences, discuss the strategy of passing game in the public chat rooms and find like-minded army of thousands of players.

And most importantly, what I would say to future fans Balloony Land (I believe on your Springboard, a new icon) there are no bugs. The feel of the charts, “made with love”. Impressions of gameplay “over whether it is a variety of boosters ?!”

In short, if you killed the plot of the genre you want a breath of fresh air – Balloony Land awaits!

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