Armored Warfare: tanks of the future


After a series of alpha-test Armored Warfare finally reached the finish line: Now developers are preparing for the start of closed testing, which will be able to attend a few thousand players. Despite the fact that the online game is somewhat similar to the already become popular World of Tanks and the War Thunder, it was a place for a number of their own ideas.

Modern technology

Armored Warfare is often called a game about modern tanks. This is not quite true – we see a game about all of modern armored vehicles in general. In Armored Warfare presents the tanks, self-propelled artillery and light combat vehicles – fast, heavily armed armored vehicles and even small reconnaissance jeeps.

This easy technique in Armored Warfare combat acts virtually on a par with the heavy – despite a weak defense, these machines are very fast and maneuverable, and often carry weapons that can penetrate even tank armor. This makes them an ideal choice for those who like quick and painful attack and then move away from the enemy retaliation.


Huge speed

In the second half of the twentieth century, engineers were able to significantly improve the characteristics of almost all tanks – there are new powerful engines, more lightweight and strong armor, improve weaponry has been developed. Therefore, if during the time of World War II is well protected and armed with a tank typically moved at a snail’s speed, the current M1 Abrams, possessing strong armor and a great gun, it remains quite agile and accelerates to 70 mph.

Technical progress can be seen in Armored Warfare – Game considerably more dynamic than other tank action games. Opponents to get each other for over ten seconds – and that time is enough to come not only light machine, but even powerful tanks. And even in the “Abrams” very often we have to fight on the move, not only because shelters – good speed and agility allow.

Newest technologies

In Armored Warfare has almost all kinds of modern weapons, which use very interesting. For example, already in the first few levels players will face the fact that even light infantry fighting vehicles, equipped with anti-tank missiles, can be a very dangerous opponent. The tanks are even more powerful rockets, and shooting them is different from the firing of guns – a rocket in flight should be administered up to the moment of contact. It’s harder, but it allows you to rotate the interesting tricks – for example, to fire at the tank, which disappeared behind the building.


No less developed and remedies. The most vulnerable point of the tank can cover the dynamic armor – to crack down on such a machine, often take two or more shots at one point. There Armored Warfare and active protection systems, to shoot down missiles on the approach – to defeat the tank with the module will have to change tactics, trying to attack him with the direction in which the complex is not working. Finally, if you want to run away from the battlefield, you will come to the aid of a smoke screen – placing it, you can hide from the enemy for a few seconds, enough to change the position.

Complete PvE-mode

In Armored Warfare is possible not only to fight the team for the team, but also with other players to pass the story, which tells of a private military corporation that carries out the most complex orders in different parts of the world. Campaign Missions are designed for four people, and each of them will carry out its task – usually take the fight to the scout light car, two tanks and one artillery unit. The enemy is almost always outnumbered almost ten times – therefore have to play very carefully, assessing and coordinating every action.


By the way, the mission in Armored Warfare boring place on the second and even third time – they almost always have additional tasks on time, and the main task can be accomplished in many ways.

Attention to details

Armored Warfare – a very beautiful game, where beauty is achieved not only thanks to modern engine the CryEngine, but also because of the attention to detail. The cards that were submitted to the beta test, the developers have put his heart and soul – they are so beautiful and detailed. Locations if “live” – in the cities, you can see the work of traffic lights and hear the noise of the sirens, and the country can sometimes hear the sound of a waterfall or the murmur of the river. At the same time perfectly understand that you are in a war, but not at the site – in the sky in a hurry about their business transport helicopters and bombers, and on the ground can be seen the remains of the art, who died in past battles.


Armored Warfare – a real encyclopedia of modern armored vehicles. In this easy to learn and very fun game you can see how powerful and technologically advanced steel combat vehicles in recent years, as well as test them in battle, fighting against the other players or against the computer, in a team of trusted friends.

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