Armored Warfare Review


Is it possible today to make a tank game, able to surprise the audience? It turns out you can. Take a company with a world name, select an unexpected setting, with an emphasis on cooperative PvE-mode – and you get the Armored Warfare.

Responsible for project Obsidian Entertainment is known primarily for role-playing games – for example, Neverwinter Nights 2 and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 – The Sith Lords. This experience is reflected in the new draft. Although Armored Warfare – online game, it will also be interesting powerful-the PvE campaign, in which teams of players perform missions against computer-controlled opponents. Details of the authors is reluctant to reveal – the development of the game at an early stage, so a lot can change. However, we already know that the player will play the role of an employee a private military company which executes orders in different parts of the world.

Technique in Armored Warfare looks better than in all other games of the genre

In contrast to the numerous projects of the Second World War, the action Armored Warfare takes place in our time – the game is represented by machines from the 50s of the last century to the early 21st century (already have a T-80, Leopard 2A5, Challenger 2). The range of combat vehicles is very diverse: there are main battle tanks, light armored jeeps and self-propelled artillery of various countries-producers – Russia, US, UK, Germany and others. What classes will be divided so varied fleet of vehicles, and what she would have problems in the field, is still unknown.

In Russia, only the editors of our portal have seen with my own eyes Armored Warfare. We tried a couple of co-operative missions, and were very impressed. The game is very entertaining: CryEngine gives a remarkable picture. Model of technics careful design, landscapes look like the real thing, physics and special effects – to five points. The game also detailed damage model – can spread almost any building, depriving the enemy cover.

The plot plays Armored Warfare fact that on one side it can fight a variety of appliances powers

Cooperative missions that we were able to test consisted of multiple jobs. Enemies tend to always have more than the players, so hurriedly roll opponents turned out not always. The developers have confirmed that players will have to coordinate their activities, taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of the selected tanks. Much will depend on the individual skills of each player. If you dashed off a few hundred hours of World of Tanks, even in Armored Warfare will instantly feel comfortable: the rules of engagement and management of the tank is very similar. In Armored Warfare it is just as important to use the features of the landscape, to fire at vulnerable points in the defense of enemy tanks, deftly maneuvering, trying to get out to the rear, or at least come from the flank, and so on.

About PvP in Armored Warfare is known very little. Basic Mode – battle of two teams of 15 players, each of the members who seek first to destroy all enemy combat vehicles. For those who want a more serious and deep gameplay, planned system of clans fighting for control over territories, but details about it yet.

Armored Warfare today looks like one of the most advanced war games. The famous designer, great graphics, a new era of the time, plus almost unique PvE-mode – all this is sure to attract many players. Now developers reveal only the most general terms about the game. Once we are aware of the details, we are right there with you to share.

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