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When in 2014 Armored Warfare is only presented to the public, the introduction began with two PvE-missions, prepared for E3 and Gamescom trade show. For tank online gaming is a relatively new mode: in Armored Warfare, you can not only compete in the PvP usual, but to gather with friends together to knock out a couple of dozen computer-controlled tanks. Something similar is only in World of Warships – but everything is essentially limited to fighting with bots.

The PvE-mode, which is now driven around in the beta version of the game, is markedly different from what the developers have shown a year earlier. Increased the number of missions that are available in a mode, all of which are very diverse – events take place in different places and at different times of day. To pass any mission enough to fulfill the main goal, but if you want more money and experience, you should not forget about the additional targets as well as personal tasks for the different players – for example, for the fight to bring down the tracks with ten enemy armored vehicles.


Now five of them, not four – Compared to the earlier version of the number of players in the team was increased. This significantly increases the survivability of the team even if one player will fly or die stupidly in the beginning, there is a chance to go to the end of the mission. In addition, it became easier to experiment with the composition of the team – if earlier almost always take a spy, two tanks and artillery installation, it is now possible to take the risk and take, for example, very fast reconnaissance vehicle and a tank destroyer, which, depending on the situation can be engaged in the exploration or to beat the enemy. However, the first in PvE best main battle tank is the most robust and forgiving option.

For those who do not have ready-made team, a system for the automatic buddy search. In Armored Warfare teams drawn from the art of close levels (ie the situation when a fight goes the tank of the eighth level and BMP second – is excluded), in addition, players can choose one of the three desired levels of complexity, differing in the capacity of the enemy equipment – from fun walking up natural hell, which can pass only the most experienced tank crews.


Bored in PvE-mode does not have to – fifteen minutes, which is average in skill group spent on the passage of the mission, fly by unnoticed. Even on easy game does not forgive the worst mistakes – the enemy is always a numerical advantage, so if someone really stupid be substituted, he will destroy in seconds. We have to abandon the idea to shove into the forehead and look for weak spots in the enemy defenses and comfortable position for the attack. Fortunately, the mission design welcomes this approach – to any POI on the map, you can always come up with several parties, trying different tactics.

But the quality of the missions study is lame – machinery in some cases appear out of thin air, the opponents are very straightforward, and sometimes difficult to know where to go on the mini-map to accomplish the mission. However, we believe that these shortcomings will be corrected to release – at the time of the test, we have seen two versions of PvE and later played much better.

It is too early to judge how accustomed PvE after the start of the game. This mode will definitely be useful for beginners, who are not very confident feel in battles with other players – paced missions low, the enemies are not so dangerous, so if you do not turn up the level of difficulty, then you can be happy to take part in this battle, almost no risking to die in the first few minutes it. By the way, this is true for those who just want to, without straining, shoot at tanks – for example, after a hard day’s work.

But to attract experienced players mode, developers still have to try. So far, the PvE gives nothing that would have been impossible to get into PvP – nevertheless, has already formed a rather large stratum of the players who go only to the group’s mission. There is every reason to hope that, over time in this mode will be its own unique rewards, achievements, and just add new and interesting job.

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