Apple Swift became the programming language open source

Apple Swift became the programming language open source

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Today, Apple announced the transition of language programming Swift back on track with the project open source. At WWDC in June 2015, which was first announced this initiative, the news caused a storm of applause from the audience in the hall of developers.

Swift project was presented to a team of developers at WWDC 2014. It was then that there was a qualitative leap forward, the company presented its project, which has worked for five years – an entirely new programming language. Apple has tried to create a language that would be spared the cumbersome heritage of Objective-C. Swift was laid in the platform NeXt, which became the basis for OS X, and then iOS. Developers can see in real time the results of its programming. The standard “Hello World” in the language of Swift looks very simple and is written a single line: println (“Hello World”).

This year at WWDC, Apple noted that the already large number of developers have switched to Swift and created great games and applications with this simple tool. Nevertheless, the language is still a lot of flaws and inaccuracies, which the developers have noted in the course of working with Swift, which is why the company has released Swift 2. In addition to all kinds of optimizations language contains quality improvements, support for new protocols, simplifying the syntax, technology optimization and other polnomodulnoy convenient for developers moments.

“With the opening of the source code Swift developers from around the world can contribute to the programming language and make it available on new platforms – said Craig Federighi, senior vice president of Apple’s software. – Efficiency and simplicity Swift will give young programmers incentives for training, besides now they will be able to distribute their ideas everywhere, from mobile devices to the cloud. ”

Swift Openness means that programmers will be able, having examined the source programming language to extend it through the issuance of additional tools for developers. In addition, we are likely to see Swift-application operating systems from other manufacturers.


Open source Swift is available through GitHub, and includes support for all software platforms Apple, including iOS, OS X, watchOS and tvOS, and support for Linux. Published an important component Swift: Swift Compiler, Debugger, Standard Library, Foundation Libraries, Package Manager and REPL.

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