Apple has patented a color printer for the three-dimensional printing ?

Apple has patented a color printer for the three-dimensional printing ?

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Anyone who still believes 3D-printer geek toy marketing ploy outstanding architects or just stupidity, very surprised: the most expensive in the world of the corporation is interested in this kind of products. The patent portfolio patent Apple has appeared on 3D-printer that can “print” colored objects.


The documents shows that the iPhone maker is interested in technologies of 3D-printing. Apple is considering the possibility of creating three-dimensional models of digital objects and print them on a special 3D-printer.

Apple patent application called “Methods and apparatus for three-dimensional printing color objects.” The company’s engineers describe 3D-printer that can produce colored three-dimensional objects. The document stated that the printing device is equipped with two extruders – one is used to create objects made of plastic and other materials, and the second – to give them color by airbrushing. Pat above method of determining the path of movement of the extruder and methods for printing color objects.


In this area, Apple will fall at an opportune development PrimeSense – Israeli startup that US corporation acquired in 2013 for $ 360 million. He specialized in the development of three-dimensional sensors and other 3D-technologies. PrimeSense 3D-sensors used in Microsoft Kinect controller for the Xbox 360.

A patent for a color printer for the three-dimensional printing was registered by Apple in May 2014 and obtained this week. It is possible that some proprietary solutions will be applied to the company’s own needs. In particular, a few years ago, Apple won a patent for the technology 3D-printing of “liquid metal”.


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