Anomaly 2 REVIEW

Anomaly 2 REVIEW

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The Apple Design Award-winning Anomaly series returns to usher in the next-generation of tower offense with Anomaly 2, the sequel to the critically acclaimed Anomaly Warzone Earth.

Nominated ‘Best Strategy Game’ in Best Apps Ever Awards!

“Anomaly 2 is everything Anomaly fans could have ever wanted in a true sequel…It’s easy to see that this will be one of the top games released this year.” — Touch Arcade, 5/5, Game of the Week


I surprised at how much the App Store stunning games that I did not know anything. For example, a well-known publishing house as Chillingo, over a year ago released a really cool game called Anomaly 2.

This game is the sequel to the first part, so the plot story begins here as if in the middle. Our blooming planet lies in ruins, and the ruins, as vengeance for her walk about alien invaders. In general, everything is bad, there are no prospects, and at the last moment there is a strange scientist with dubious invention that is able to relieve the earthlings from the threat.

In order to get to this invention itself, needs to be done and a long way with the good thousand destroy enemy units. But more about that later, because you have to start with the training missions, where you are very clearly and in detail will show all the charm of the game. Educational mission we will take in some training center, which is in the final phase of training will be subject to attack and destroyed. The protagonist, of course, will survive, he gets into his car and military leave.


At the beginning of each mission, we will have to choose his own fighting machines that will go into battle. All of our units even moving column along the planned route, he, incidentally, can also be modified at any time by passing a level. Each of our combat units has two forms. For example: Assault dogs that are classic machine-gun mobile units can transform into a less mobile, but more secure bellows equipped with two plasma guns – that is, we sacrifice the rate of fire and range, but gain the opportunity to attack two targets.

Absolutely any technique in the game is constructed in a similar way: by changing the form, we will gain something and lose something. This game feature requires us to be very active: the need to constantly change the type of combat vehicles, to lay the most convenient routes, swap equipment in the colonies. The game also has additional abilities such as healing or distraction of enemy attacks – they are used to the area and fall out of the defeated enemy units.

The game was a very high quality in all senses: the beautiful, well thought out, with great background music. By the way, I often have seen the good products from Chillingo, but most of them have been spoiled or given. The Anomaly 2 you did not find this game is paid, and in it there are no in-game purchases. But it’s not all good news: if you are thinking to buy the game now, it will cost only $ 0.99, as currently valid holiday offer.

Game: Anomaly 2 | 4.99$ | Universal app | Download


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