ANNO 2205 base in space

ANNO 2205

Genre: RTS
Platform: PC
Developer: Blue Byte
Publisher: Ubisoft Entertainment

Anno 220 – favorite players simulation of urban development goes into space!

In Anno 2205 you can help humanity take the next step into a bright future. Having conquered the land, you build a rich, full of life and vast industrial complexes – but in order to truly promote the welfare of mankind, it is necessary to go into space.

Scientific breakthrough in fusion research can permanently change all spheres of public life. Alas, this is necessary for the isotope helium-3 may be produced in the required quantities on the Moon. Your task – to build a spaceport and create a lunar colony, to take part in an exciting fight for resources and influence.

ANNO 2205-10

Anno returns to bring the genre of economic strategy to a new level and continue to build cities in space!

ANNO 2205 summary review

Anno 2205 has realized all that was not expected and poorly perceived the true veterans of the series. 2205 problem with the environment and global warming have decided with the help of new technologies and resources of the Moon. Your location 3 Arctic continent continental zone and the Moon. For each of the continent’s different living conditions.
Keepers – peaceful and sedentary. Living on the trailer “Heat – Economy”.
Scientists – Nimble and demanding. I do not like life in the cold, but the thirst for discovery.
Miners – kind and hardworking.
Leaders – Harmful and loafers.
Moon in the middle of the game are the main source of energy and mineral resources.
Continental belt – all kipish here. Sdes accomplishes all discoveries because investors here live, and where many investors are good there.

New pluses:
Added sector that you can control at the same time that the effect of the global game, find a breakthrough in the direction of the series.
The game has grown graphically, there may panorama, texture quality at the highest level.
It is worth noting the plot, designed to the last detail, have not forgotten about the previous series and made reference to them, Bravo!

Rather than plus minus
Added global market – a smart thing to save you for a small fee! But with the advent of gameplay okazualilsya to say the least, in the latter stages you can forget about expensive extraction of resources, you simply order any material and upgrade TA every 2 hours. All costs are covered by the investors who do not sickly so I add a percentage to taxes if they meet all requirements. Trafficking as such is completely destroyed, no threats to communications between sectors.

ANNO 2205-9

I think it’s a stripped-down a feature in other series, in the form of counting on public resources, these calculations makes a variety of gameplay, now you just wrote as a specific city you need resources that reduced to blunt Urban Development.
Removed the possibility of conflict in your area is now no one will not come to you and will spread your city, all rendered in a separate mini-game. The war has become a kind of vanilla – in designated areas on the Moon there is no military action in general, again the same ships, bonuses will not put them, no air, no ballistic missiles. And the future?

Conclusion: The implementation of a quality game is no doubt more than ever, but have removed all of the love that this series is the economic component. That is in fact the game simplified to the limit – system everywhere: even in the Arctic, at least on the moon, and why not on the Alpha Centauri? And do not worry that you configure it, the main thing that the balance of resources and money was positive. For veterans of the series is a blow to the very sick, and beginners will likely just get bored after 3 hours of play …

I started playing with Anno Anno 1503: The New World (2000). That fully reflects my impression of the game, this would recommend it if I – yes! but when you buy, you must give the report that this show is still not for everyone sitibildera mixture and stuffed diazepin RTS requires that mood, but even special character and mentality.

ANNO 2205 best space graphics

But, apparently, we recently sent out the merchants around the world, traded silk, cultivated fields of hemp (for industrial needs, as well as the same!) And enjoyed the views of just descended from the ship yard, proudly spreads its sails and persecuted in the distant colonies tailwind . But time does not stand still, and the future, whether we like it or not, is already here.

The last time the legendary series ANNO strategies throws in 2070, when humanity was experiencing a decline due to global catastrophe. But the man on the man and he even adapts to the gallows: pulled, tugged, and the rest. During the decline came to new prosperity, and people went to look for happiness in the very near to the comic world body – the Moon.

ANNO 2205-8

In fact, ANNO 2205 for me – it is a global remastered ANNO 2070 with a new storyline. In fact, the same scenery, the same technique, the objects of the interface elements, images, icons, even lights – all exactly the same, only with better graphics. But let us nevertheless start from the beginning.

So, it took 135 years after the events of the previous game. Sushi has become a little more because people partially restored the Arctic ice, and water lapped more or less gone. However, the Arctic has become a kind of forbidden fruit for corporations. There are many rare and expensive resources, but they can produce only agree with all the rules of environmentalists. That is, there are no houses or factories are not normal to build. So people turned their desire to nearby space, because the moon is actually able to give them everything that they could not get in the world: extremely rare materials and minerals so necessary to revive humanity.

In place of industrialists, environmentalists and scientists (the three parties to the conflict ANNO 2070) came to three different human populations: those who live in temperate climates (such as environmentalists), those who survive in the Arctic for the few, but the necessary resources (the same researchers) and those who are rotten from morning till night in the factories and mines of the Moon (the same manufacturers). All three “subspecies” are really one party and is no longer at war. It is pointless. The first live on one side of the Earth, the second – on the other, the third – and all in the space. As the last step in the ANNO 2070 you will have to develop all three types of settlements at the same time.

You start as always with a good landscape and the warm sun. Then, to get the resources you will have to discover a colony in the Arctic. Then, having collected the necessary materials, go into space and build a colony on the moon. Despite the fact that all three colonies located in different parts, no stops them for a minute. They left the colony in a temperate climate in the pre-crisis state, while they themselves went to build a space mine? You get an unpleasant surprise: when selecting a new card, you will have all the same pre-crisis state, since all the cards one money “purse” and one finance balance.

Each region your device, its buildings and its particular construction. Polar explorers, for example, operate in harsh cold environments, and put everyone in the tent generator can not (and build a house, too), so each worker is necessary to settle near the “hot zone”, which is located next to industrial buildings. Settle on – all be nipped by the frost. To the moon, too difficult, though they are not concerned about the harmful emissions into the atmosphere, we are forced to work and live only in the craters and in areas with lower probability get a meteorite on the head. But residents of the usual climate in the world can not survive, they have to build up a lot of space and you can at least every centimeter of land. They are, in fact, – your main supplier of money and human resources. Always keep a first colony on the high level of development and with a budget surplus and goods.

ANNO 2205 screenshots

For convenience, the authors removed the system of “levels and scenarios” in the campaign. The whole story takes place on the same card, just expand on each opportunity. On the one hand, this is good: no need to constantly build everything from scratch. But on the other hand, you will not be quite the thrust to start playing the new, in fact, you’ll build up the same space as before. Maps to choose from a total of nine: three for each climate-space area.

The factor of chance, but there is. On each card is always parked in the ships main actors and the characters of the campaign. They also will be at a furious pace to generate random assignment for you, most of which you have encountered in the previous game. Find on the map n objects, look at the surface of the water trunks, bring resources, scan area. Underwater missions just not, well and good.

Actually, the economy, and here such here random quests and plot tasks – it’s all what you do on the sites you selected. Yes, the war on these cards is no more, so now think about defense is not necessary. For the war there are some small areas with special landscape and military contingent. Take the accumulated ships, encircle the frame and send into battle. Interface construction is not here, so instead it ships many hot keys. You can arrange the firing of nuclear missiles or EMP attack, you can select the area in which your ships will hide under the protection barriers or repair, as you can call support – feeble podlodochek again completely copied from the previous game, or bang wave mine. To do this, use the drop down of the enemies mechanisms and the only resource on these cards – fuel. The more fuel, the more often you can, for example, to repair their ships. Given the fact that during a military episode you will not be able to build new warships, repair they need to be regular.

By the way, the passage of such missions is not always mandatory. Lovers of peace and not of war may just have a good economy and to invest in military solutions to bypass party.

But other than that in ANNO 2205, frankly, little has changed. Branch of military and construction parts, removed the script, created a global economy and all. Even the Council, in which players vote for the global decisions that affect the economy and the war in the entire game all players who bought ANNO 2205 also preserved. Slightly simplified there, barely pulled here, to make the picture more vivid and detailed, but overall it’s exactly the same game ANNO 2070, which fixed the exactly one, but an important disadvantage: ANNO 2205 is not such a long and meditative. Due to the constant switching between the colonies gameplay sometimes goes to minutes and even seconds, and then go to sleep and the game you will no longer work.

ANNO 2205-3

No, no, I’m not saying that ANNO 2070 was bad, it was unique, though many fans of the series, it is not very much and liked. Just it had to spend a heck of a lot of time, especially when we had all three or four cards to start the construction of dozens of cities from scratch. If you are among the discontented, for the ANNO 2205 is not worth taken. It – all the good that was in ANNO 2070, but multiplied by half. Not the best economic strategy of all time, but definitely one of the most worthy representatives of the genre.

ANNO 2205 Final verdict

Excellent development of the ideas of the previous section and the final departure from the older games in the series. Here are all exactly the same, only much more bright and beautiful.

Anno 2205 Launch Trailer

Stage Demo: Anno 2205 – E3 2015

Anno 2205 Gameplay The Birth of Blitzcorp

Anno 2205 City-Builder Economy Sim

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