All is Lost REVIEW

All is Lost REVIEW

Description :

In the distant future, mankind is scattered across a vast and dangerous universe. The crews of massive space stations live in a constant struggle for survival. How many can you save?


Foursaken Media Studio recently released a new product, which at first glance may seem quite ordinary runner. In fact, the game offers much more interesting gameplay than trivial Run Games for the infinite and the same locations. The project was named All is Lost, and is completely free.

All is Lost implemented in the sci-fi-setting, and here we are concerned with the salvation of space crew members, which is in a critical condition. At this very moment absolutely all the information we have indicates that the game is a classic arcade: the ship collapses, you’re trying to save someone, but still inconsolable, since the proposed location for the game process no end. What was my surprise when the game rushed the development of a completely opposite line!

All is Lost REVIEW

In fact, the spacecraft is far from infinite, as well as members of his crew. Each unwitting participant in this tragic event is in different parts of the ship, and paves the way for the evacuation compartment. Team members include 8 people, and for the salvation of each one of them is given a certain number of attempts.



Who saved the first, and whom to leave in the end – we do decide, and it makes the gameplay more interesting. First, you can take people for salvation which one or three attempts assigned, and then proceed to the rescue of members who have ten chance of survival. The game does not spare anyone if you can not stay within the allotted life limit, the maximum that can give a game – this is another chance by viewing an advertising banner. If you can not save now, you can forget about the valiant and brave colleague.

All is Lost REVIEW

The gameplay is also made very attractive. Of course, all the characters are running forward on their own – it’s kind of a tribute belonging to the genre, but everything else goes into our sphere of competence. In some situations, we will have to jump and turn somersaults to avoid collisions with obstacles – for this use swipe to the left of the screen. Sometimes we need to be open or, on the contrary, to close dangerous doors, adjust the position of the platforms, hatches slam – for these tasks laid swipe to the right of the screen. Sometimes, it’s only natural to react immediately to be on both sides.

All is Lost REVIEW

Despite the fact that the gameplay is not full of variety, All is Lost looks very fresh and interesting product. I had a chance to save the members of three distinct spacecraft, and I never was able to save completely all – in all cases, the epicenter of the disaster to leave 5 or 7 of 8 rescue boats possible. After leaving behind a residue of sorrow for the victims of the soul. The game is free, and nothing sells quite stuffs advertising users, which once again proves that Foursaken Media Studio is primarily concerned about the game content, and after thinking about earnings.

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