Alan Wake interactive thriller game

Alan Wake interactive thriller

Maybe soon some fiction to write a story about how someone got to play in the interactive thriller, and since then it has not been seen …

After an evening in the company of Alan Wake habitual movements that found switch in a dark room, getting nervous and hasty. Psychological thriller juggling dream and reality, light and darkness, as the balls of ping-pong. His characters are assured in order to understand the madness, you need to run amok. The same is true for the game. In order to feel in place Waco, you need to start to be afraid of the dark and shy away from every sound.

A quiet town of Bright Falls, which has become a temporary shelter for a writer is associated with Twin Peaks. The same cold beauty, the majestic bulk of the mountains, a dense coniferous forest and weird locals. In this paradise-looking corner of Alan Wake escaped from the bustle of the metropolis to escape and maybe find yourself. The protracted crisis has exhausted the creative writer, and together with his wife Alice, he rented a cottage on the lake in Bright Falls.

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Bright Peaks

On the first day of rest unset world collapses. Alice disappears, the reality is confused and unfinished novel, the story of Alan Wake is being implemented. However, the author does not remember, to compose something like that, and know the plot of the scattered manuscript pages of Bright Falls with the player.

At first this or that scene is partially built on the scattered fragments of the novel. You know what lies ahead is something sinister. And then everything happens in reality, a mosaic made up, and are not well understood pieces of the manuscript make sense. It turns out that you live as if in two dimensions: in the present time and in the near future, constantly anticipating and anticipating the future. Very strange and unusual feeling.

The authors skillfully stir up the situation, using a variety of means. The hero now and then stumbles on the radio and hears the local night leading live communicates with the audience. So you can see that at the moment is happening in other parts of the city, to build a complete picture of what is happening. Also, Alan caught TVs with episodes of the series “Night Springs” (something like a “Twilight Zone”). Dark night in the taps and creaking wooden house these mystical stories are perceived in a special way.

The car – not just a means of transportation, but also a weapon – a headlight quickly tears off enemies Darkmantle


To find Alice and understand what is happening, Wake forced to rummage Bright Falls and down. Abandoned mines, dilapidated house, an abandoned settlement, dense spruce forest – the location and the sunlight catching the horror, and the moon and at all afraid to tinnitus. But so it is added the fact that it is necessary to travel at night.

In the impenetrable darkness of the main weapon becomes light. Flashlight is necessary as air, and more powerful than he is, the better. Fears inspired by the dark, creaking and rustling is not groundless. The local palpable gloom and deadly. The world around us is changing in an instant. That night forest softly tapping the branches and only keeps the tension, but after a moment between the trunks begin to swirl the fog, an unnatural wind rises, trees plotting a mad dance, waving branches, and there are loggers …

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Unlike traditional horror, hero in Alan Wake is not poison nor the dead, nor cephalopods monsters, or even nurses with punctured eyes. Alan attacking people and things, poisoned darkness. Loggers, hunters and other working people with sickles, axes and shovels. But, as in Resident Evil 4, they fear catching stronger “foreign” or “predators”.

Forwards literally materialized out of the darkness. It seems the trees are torn only shade, but in the next moment they accept the outlines of human figures and shouting something unnatural voice cracking, rush to Alan. Fortunately, the usual bullet can stop the attackers, but only on condition that the hero is a light source. Hoosier as if encased in armor from the darkness, and without breaking it, shoot useless.

Already after the first walk through the night woods begin anew to perceive ordinary objects. Dim street light – is not just a yellow spot into the night, but the raft. While Alan lit, no one can harm him, and even health is restored faster. Seeing in the distance saving spark rushes to her, blindly, and neck feel like come on the heels obsessed with darkness.

Not every fight can defeat enemies by force. Often, not enough ammunition, batteries for flashlight or time to bring down the veil of darkness from all attackers. It was then that indulges their heels to the nearest lamppost, dodging like a hare, because the pursuers run faster, but in addition throw axes. Hold the chase can light saber, but it burns long. But stun grenades at once turns to dust possessed.

Alan has a ghostly assistant, literally guiding star

Everything in moderation

Alan Wake – jewelry balanced game. No wonder that for its creation in the Finnish studio Remedy took more than five years. Here lack of action: the hero is constantly engaged in a beautiful, generously flavored with special effects shooting, but a thriller not for a moment turns into a thriller (with the exception, perhaps, of one scene, witty parody of Left 4 Dead 2). The firing and beautiful somersaults in slow time in its meaning there are only minor episode. The main role is played by the search for truth in a dark Bright Falls. Under cover of night, Alan wanders through the most terrible and inhospitable places, causing the player to tremble and sweat.

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And, again, the tension is strictly metered, it does not gush over the edge. Different, but equally interesting situations follow each other: Alan’s flashlight walks through the woods, firing from obsessed with darkness; but at its disposal there is only light – have to survive without weapons.

Developers are not afraid to experiment – Alan could void and light weapons and, to put him on the path lined with traps, make seek a way out of the maze of hedges, to incite the poor animated harvester. You can enumerate a long time – each new episode is fraught with surprises.

Flare produces bombshell literally dissolving possessed in his bright light

Mystical thriller

Episodes are built according to strict canons: the beginning of an exciting culmination and always intriguing finale. Each episode ends with a song stuck in my memory is not worse than the famous Late Goodbye of Max Payne. Only if there was one such track them here – the whole collection.

As in any good drama, in Alan Wake is represented by a brilliant collection of characters, and there is room for humor. Apparently mad worn around the neighborhood, waving a gun and mockingly calling Alan the Stephen King, that Dan Brown, the James Joyce. A friend and Wake agent – cheerful fat man Barry – chatters incessantly and everywhere carries around a cardboard figure of Alan in full size. What the authors found time and reason to smile once again emphasizes how well made game.

Only technically they are a little stumble. Everything that relates to landscapes and detail, just perfect. Bright Falls welcomes the travelers such species that I want to give up and settle in this cozy town. But developers summed facial animation. In order not to spoil the impression, in mimicry of characters is better not stare – it is so unnatural and sometimes even ridiculous.

The good close-ups of the operator is not abused, so close your eyes is not difficult for this shortcoming. In addition, Alan Wake is so absorbs all thought and attention, what to look for flaws in it – the last thing I want to do. The game literally draws in its mystical world.

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