A New Beginning review

A New Beginning review

Description :

A scientist saves the world: former bio-engineer Bent Svensson had to reluctantly step back from his research of alternate energy sources. Now the workaholic spends his involuntary retirement in the remote solitude of the Norwegian woods. But one day, a strange visitor knocks on his door: a young woman called Fay claims to be sent from the future to prevent a devastating climate disaster. And the only chance of saving the world is Bent’s research. However, the scientist’s work is about to fall into the hands of a callous industry tycoon.
Bent eventually decides to trust the strange woman – but did she really tell him the truth?


Saving the world is nothing new in gaming but, for once, A New Beginning has an explanation for the cataclysmic events that unfold – and it actually makes sense.

The climate change theme also means that this is a supremely relevant story for our time, and worthy of your attention, even if it is slightly flawed adventure game.

A time for change

You play as a world weary retired scientist by the name of Bent Svensson, who’s visited by a young woman called Fay who claims to have been sent there by the future.

Guess what? She’s telling the truth. Action soon switches to the future as you see just how horrific things turn out if climate change is left to its own devices.

That time travel theme works well for A New Beginning, but it’s the use of climate change that makes it stand out most. It’s a theme that’s too rarely explored elsewhere, and makes a great change from the usual fantastical themes of such games.


By the book

While A New Beginning is ambitious in terms of its themes, that’s not quite the case with its action.

It’s a fairly typical point and click adventure in the sense that some puzzles will leave you satisfied and others will infuriate you.

There’s a strong focus placed on combining items from your inventory for most puzzles, but it occasionally deviates into something more interesting .

At times though, it can feel a bit over-done, and you’ll be grateful that you can skip some of these more convoluted sections.

A New Beginningincludes hotspots to ensure you’re not just randomly poking around. Plus, there are contextual options for each item, meaning you’re not just left with a vague ‘interact’ button.

The bottom line

For the most part, A New Beginning is a success. You’ll occasionally get infuriated by an obtuse puzzle, but its originality helps keep you interested throughout.

There’s also a solid dozen or so hours on offer here, which certainly makes it more endearing.

Game: A New Beginning | 9.99$ | Universal app | Download


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